Allowing eye health professionals to collaborate and learn

Orbis is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent and treat blindness through hands-on training, education, advocacy, and partnerships with local health care organizations around the world. Orbis sought out our help in designing a web application called Cybersight. It’s aim is to allow doctors to collaborate, mentor and assist fellow doctors globally, specifically in underdeveloped nations on ophthalmology cases.

Type: Web App
Role: UI/UX design, Visual Design


Together with ICF Olson, Cybersight was designed as highly interactive social platform to promote collaboration, create visibility across ophthalmological cases. Doctors would be using this ‘on the go’ while screening patients, so we took a mobile-first design approach, as well being built to accommodate different languages for international users. Since the user could be anywhere in the world, we also had  to consider hardware and bandwidth limitations. This was addressed by keeping the web app lean, light on features, and used assets that minimized data usage.